Elevated Compound Cleaver 213mm

Elevated to a sky-high height of 116mm...yes, over 4.5" off the board....this handcrafted Chinese-style cleaver from Australian bladesmith James Oatley will impress even the chef who claims to have seen it all. But it's not just the massive 213mm-long by 116mm-tall profile that sets the knife apart: as expected of James' work, this vegetable chopping specialist is designed and crafted for world-class performance. James has given the RWL-34 stainless steel, made by Sweden's Damasteel, compound S-grind geometry that must be seen to be believed (see the third photo). Finally, to ready the bevels for buttery smooth cuts, James has taken the lower convex section to a near zero edge, and mirror-polished the entirety of it, giving the steel a striking two-tone finish. Dyed maple in classic cleaver form with a hand-hammered brass pin provide comfort and control, and the ability to remove the handle for cleaning.