Red Gum Feather Chef 179mm

Dressed in ancient red gum timber carbon dated to 7,500 years old, this visually striking, thin, light, and fast chef knife by Jackson Rumble is built to take on nearly every cutting need throughout the kitchen. A full and steady distal taper along the blade's rounded spine from tang forward ends with a slim, needle-like tip for fine slices and detail work, preceded by a razor's edge that sits below superbly shaped convex bevels which bare the jaw-dropping etched feather damascus pattern of Jackson's making. At 179mm / 7" with a 51mm tall heel and pointed, triangular tip, a mid-size sweet spot in overall size and form is achieved, large enough for big cuts, and compact enough to prep full meals in tight quarters. The red gum is sculpted in a comfortable, octagonal shape, each edge softened and contoured, and finally, accented with a bronze spacer.