Moraine Damascus Bunka 150mm

From Australian bladesmith and damascus artist Jackson Rumble, the first new knife of 2022 is this gorgeous 150mm / 5.9" bunka in a house-made steel pattern that appears to resemble the ebb and flow of glaciers from above, including the moraines they leave in their path. A solid, versatile, razor-sharp tool in a size that makes it a great choice for nearly every cut no matter how large, or small, the workspace, the edge is thin yet strong below superb convex bevels, and quite slim at the pointed tip for slices and detail work. Blade spine and choil are rounded for comfort while gripping the myall and ancient red gum wood handle that is accented with a ring of nickel silver. Balanced a touch behind the heel, the knife feels natural, nimble, and satisfying in the hand