Isaiah Schroeder Cleaver 215mm

From bladesmith and all-around exceptional artist Isaiah Schroeder comes a damascus Chinese-style cleaver as tall and bold as it is exquisitely crafted. Pre-owned in unused, like-new condition, the homemade, low layer carbon damascus steel blade was forged at Isaiah's Wisconsin studio and extends forward 215mm / 8.5" and stands 98mm tall, it's razor-sharp edge below thin, convex, and sturdy bevels poised to slice and dice vegetables with unprecedented efficiency. In traditional Chinese cleaver form, a short, robust, hand-filling handle provides comfort and control over the 13.8oz / 392g tool, sculpted in tapering, octagonal form from beautiful and unique chittum burl, capped at the front with an heirloom fit, multi-faceted Elforyn bolster, and completed in the back with a domed and polished copper and steel retention bold cap.