Echo Damascus Chef 233mm

Elements converge to form a mystic and dreamy creation, one which is immediately recognizable as the work of artist Isaiah Schroeder, and at the same time one with a certain elevated position that keeps our attention, and imagination. Forged from a three-layer construction of 10-layer suminigashi carbon cladding over a core of Cru-Forge V carbon steel, the blade measures 233mm / 9.2" long and 51mm tall at the heel, thin and razor-sharp beneath convex bevels with needle-like tip and versatile geometry that is tough and durable toward the heel and slim and refined moving forward. Overall, the knife balances a hair in front of the blade's choil and weighs a solid 9oz / 256g and a profile that rocks wonderfully on the cutting board. For comfort and control, with aqua blues and purples set inside a sea of darkness, maple burl, blackwood, and polished steel are carved and faceted into the long and elegant handle. A handmade poplar saya is included.