Koa Damascus Chef 245mm

You won't see a knife like this one often. For the chef seeking only the finest ingredients, combined with precisely tuned performance, we offer this one of a kind Haburn Knives chef knife, pre-owned in new, unused, and impeccable condition. Bladesmith Ian Rogers of Washington State holds nothing back, beginning with a 245mm / 9.65' blade of house-made twisted ladder pattern damascus steel that tapers from the integral bolster steadily down the spine to an especially thin tip made for effortless and precise slices morning, noon, and night. Above the edge, hard, thin, and razor sharp, are compound 'S-grind' bevels which improve cutting performance, food release, and overall balance. For its handle, Ian selected an exquisite piece of exhibition-grade koa wood, adding a spacer of vibrant, fossilized mammoth for a look we’ll never tire of. In just the right length, the handle is tapered back-to-front, faceted along the top third, and nicely rounded across the lower section. Included with this incredible knife is a custom saya in koa wood with a frame of blue micarta, and an anodized titanium pin.