Steelhead Chef's Fillet 178mm

Bladesmith Don Carlos Andrade's answer to the chef's fillet knife is as unique as Don himself. A trained chef and long-time maker, he has combined Swedish-made RWL 34 stainless steel with a striking piece of G.L. Hansen & Son's 'Steelhead' G-carta to form a comfortable, versatile, and very handy fillet and slicing knife. Thinner than much of Don's work, a touch of lateral flexibility is enjoyed in the final inches of the 178mm / 7" blade which tapers along the rounded, polished spine to a pointed, needle-like tip, and offers a razor-sharp edge below Don's superb convex bevel geometry. Nearly naming this knife 'Jupiter's Fillet' due to the reminiscence of the handle to Jupiter's whirling atmosphere and storms, the grip is in fact made, in Don's tapering, shield profile wa-style handle rendition, from this custom cotton fabric G-carta dubbed ‘Steelhead’, inlaid with black G10, and capped with a ferrule of translucent green G10.