Snakewood Alsace French 205mm

The largest, and perhaps most extraordinary Alsace-inspired French Chef Knife of its kind by artist Don Carlos Andrade, this stunning culinary tool may look like a work of art, yet it is built to perform in the kitchen at the highest level. A differentially heat-treated blade of 1095 carbon steel has received Don's exquisite 'rainbow' hamon, visible as a result of Don's usually outstanding etched-and-hand-polished carbon steel blade finish. A full distal taper provides balance and versatility, with free-hand convex bevel geometry supporting the stout section of blade toward the heel for the more demanding cuts, and a slim, razor-sharp section up front, including the needle-like tip, for detail work and effortless slices. To complete this heirloom-quality built is a striking piece of sculpted snakewood in Don's rendition of a classic Alsace-style handle inspired by the knives of past centuries. Every detail is accounted for in terms of both form and function, with a single mosaic pin adorning the handle as the finishing touch.