Ironwood Alsace French 160mm

Based on the tried and true Alsace French style chef knives that were produced 100 years ago and more, Don Carlos Andrade created the truly unique, modern rendition seen here. He etched and polished the 1095 carbon blade after applying a rainbow quench to produce this extraordinary, elegant 160mm / 6.2" knife. The blade tapers to a needle-like tip for hours of carving and detail work, while the 44mm blade height makes this knife incredibly versatile. A beautiful spalted Desert Ironwood handle is fastened with a mosaic pin, shaped for grip and comfort, like the Alsace knives it pays homage to. Attention to each and every detail, from the overall balance and superb distal taper of the blade's contoured spine, to the fit and finish of this unique handle construction, to the placement of the single copper and steel mosaic pin, make this, like all of Don's knives, a one-of-a-kind tool that is a true work of functional art. Included is a cloth-covered protective case.