Golden Fall Apartment Chef Set

The first of 2022 and one of only a handful of Apartment Chef Knife Sets by bladesmith and artist Don Carlos Andrade, we're honored to debut the Golden Fall set. Sculpted from stunning dyed and stabilized maple with an seemingly three-dimensional chatoyance, the handles, in Don's comfortable and recognizable shield-style wa construction, are capped with deep red ferrules of vintage paper micarta, inlaid with red G-Carta from G.L. Hansen & Sons, and secured with flush bronze pins. At the business end of the matching tools, you will find sharp and handsome blades of 52100 carbon steel, finished with a forced-patina matte grey over the bevels in contrast to the high-polished and rounded spine and choil. The rounded spine of each knife tapers steadily and continuously from handle to tip, delivering versatile and superb geometry and balance to a duo designed to handle every cutting task in any kitchen, especially smaller kitchens found in urban apartments. Don's freehand convex bevels provide toughness and performance throughout each blade’s length, while the aforementioned distal taper slims the material toward the front, all the way to each needle-like tip, ideal for delicate and precise work. As with previous apartment sets, a dual, custom cloth-covered saya is included.