Fauve Damascus Chef 222mm

Designed, shaped, and finely tuned by California bladesmith Don Carlos Andrade, this exquisite chef knife combines carbon damascus by Salem Straub and custom handle material from G.L. Hansen & Sons with Don's world-class craftsmanship to produce a one-of-a-kind culinary tool. Using Salem's Ladder W's pattern damascus steel, Don has forged the 222mm / 8.7" blade to shape by hand, giving it a unique and utilitarian profile with nicely curved edge for rocking on the board, strong, workhorse bevels for all variety of kitchen prep, and an eye-catching stepped down spine with detail work including a rounded stretch that transitions to flat, and then to a faceted, three-face section toward the tip. The handle, as you may notice, is just as vibrant as the blade, sculpted in Don's infamous wa-style handle style from a one-of-a-kind piece of multi-colored rag micarta and given a rare blue Westinghouse micarta inlay and unique mosaic pin with red and blue highlights. A cloth-covered saya is included.