Antique Integral Petty Chef 147mm

From bladesmith Don Carlos Andrade, forged to shape by hand at his California studio, comes a one-of-a-kind petty chef knife with striking and unique integral handle bolster. In W2 carbon tool steel, Don has sculpted a 147mm / 5.8" blade with all of the function-first elements we expect of this formally trained chef and world-class knife designer: precision convex bevel geometry, a sharp, thin edge, full distal taper along a rounded and then faceted spine, and wonderful overall balance. The differentially hardened blade has been etched and polished to reveal a silky hamon, while the spherical portion of the stunningly crafted bolster has in contrast received a high-polish finish. For comfort and control in Don's recognizable handle profile is a tapering piece of antique ivory paper micarta with detail carvings and a hand-hammered steel pin. A custom cloth-covered saya is included.