"Every trace of use matures the soul of an object, the patina carries its history to us.“

Meet The Makers

David Wolke - Austria

Artisan, jeweler, bladesmith, metal mover...all are accurate titles of the talented and versatile David Wolke of Austria. The grandson of artists on both his father's and mother's side, David was surrounded by craft of various mediums since childhood when he himself began the creative journey. At 12, David was making knives, and at 14 he was forging with fire and hammer. Gaining a technical education in automation and mechatronics, David began his professional career in the sheetmetals industry and after a short stint in product development, he enrolled in an industrial design program, and wasted no time in founding his first forging company. Continually expanding his repertoire, it has now been 15 years since David started working with wood and jewelry, and just recently he was recognized by the Austrian government as an artist formally authorized to produce objects from precious metals like gold and silver. With a deep and eclectic mix of experience and skills in his toolbox, today David is a founding member of the Gold Vein Culinary project, an exceptional bladesmith of sole-authorship chef knives, and all-around maker of both functional and decorative objects for the home and kitchen.