Wrought Damascus Chef 205mm

As unique and extraordinary as the one-of-a-kind artisan who created it, a new chef knife from Mastersmith David Lisch. In one-piece construction, forged by hand from 1911 wrought iron with a cutting edge, and handle butt cap, of house-made carbon damascus steel, David has built not only a piece of art fine enough to turn heads of the most discerning connoisseurs, but a function-first tool any chef will be elated to cook with. A sharp, hard edge below convex bevel geometry and a full distal taper to a fine tip for detail work give the upswept Western blade profile the tools it needs to be a versatile kitchen workhorse. The handle, wonderfully sculpted and shaped for textured, hand-hugging comfort that no other material can seemingly deliver, is forged from wrought iron pipe.