“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

Meet The Makers

Dan Tompkins - New York

Creating at his one-man New York studio, Dan Tompkins of Evolution Cutlery designs and crafts one-of-a-kind chef knives with performance and comfort top of mind. Whether a gyuto in his own house-made carbon damascus or an elegant and bold sujihiki in striking Baker Forge bronze-infused san mai steel, each piece combines form and function to delight both the working chef and home cook alike.

Through his varied background in construction Dan learned the ins and outs of metalwork, but it was when he discovered hand-forged knives at a local craft show that his interest was piqued, and the flame lit. Preferring to build rather than buy the tools needed, Dan made himself a forge and all of the equipment he would need, and he began the knifemaking journey. Since then, he has studied with several well-known makers and apprenticed with Journeyman Bladesmith Greg Cimms for years where he fine-tuned many of the skills he uses daily. Making culinary objects full time, today Dan produces knives of extraordinary quality, fit-and-finish, and performance, while always challenging himself to expand his abilities, experiment with new materials, and set new bars: Dan and his work are never standing still, always evolving.