Micarta A2 Chef 220mm

A classic daily-use chef knife handcrafted in Washington State by maker Dan Bidinger. Dan's uncompromising focus on utility and all of the details that make a chef's knife a hard-use tool are present in this build: a full-size 220mm / 8.7" blade in A2 high-carbon tool steel in a profile that chops, slices, minces, and dices, rocking nicely on the board, and delivering a sharp, hard, convex edge for every cut. Standing 57mm tall at the heel with a rounded spine and choil this beauty is exceedingly comfortable in any grip, while a steady and superb distal taper lead from a stiff blade in the rear to a slightly flexible and very thin tip at the front for detail work and precision slices. Rounding out the comfortable, hand-and-heart-filling experience is a sculpted handle in dark micarta with two bronze pins that can simply be described as providing pure joy at the cutting board.