Micarta A2 Chef 202mm

A handsome, upswept, all-business blade profile shaped from A2 steel with aggressive tip and dark, polished, forced-patina finish define the latest workhorse from Dan Bidinger. With its high toughness and wear resistance, and a touch of added stain resistance compared with other high-carbon steels, Dan's choice of material to couple with a thin edge, sturdy, full-convex bevel geometry, and an aggressive, pointed tip, is emblematic of his desire to build a daily-use knife for home cooks and professional chefs alike. A steady full-distal taper along the rounded spine provides versatility for efficient chopping in the rear of the 55mm tall blade and slicing and detail work with the curved section of belly and very fine tip. To control this elegant tool is a simple, comfortable handle sculpted from black micarta secured with three brass pins.