Twisted Straight Mosaic Parer 105mm

The newest custom creation by bladesmith Casey Vilensky is a light, slim, and very handy paring knife with a mosaic blade that is one part contemporary visual art and one part damascus wizardry, all crafted for uninhibited cutting performance. To be twisted straight, one must simply dress themselves in a twisted explosion mosaic of alternating steels sandwiched between low-layer, straight pattern blocks, in this case linked using a new technique developed by Casey. And voila. A bold and unique, 105mm / 4.1" paring blade, finished with wonderfully shaped convex bevels, a thin, razor-sharp edge, and fine tip. The rounded spine, light weight, and short, strong heel make it an excellent knife for handheld work above the board and all manner of precision work where a smaller blade is needed. In a classic and slightly tapering octagonal wa-handle form, triple-dyed maple is combined with Space Coral carbon fiber for comfort, control, and of course, sharp looks.