Palm Single-Bevel Gyuto 275mm

A rare bird has landed from the shop of bladesmith and metal-artist Casey Vilensky. The first piece in his own house-made stainless damascus steel, crafted from a combination of AEB-L and 154CPM high-performance alloys, the blade formula is not the only attribute elevating this knife to new heights. Instead of the typical 50/50 symmetrical bevel geometry, this gyuto features 275mm / 10.8" of single-bevel cutting potential built for right-handed chefs, with slightly convex kireha (bevel) on the right side leading to a razor-sharp, near-zero edge, and a concave urasuki on the other side, similar to the profile found on a yanagiba slicing knife. Authoritative and powerful in the hand, tipping the scales at 13.4oz / 380g, with a balance point approximately two and a half inches in front of the handle, to hold this chef's knife is nothing short of impressive, imbuing its operator with the ability to slice with unparalleled precision and control. To wield this one-of-a-kind piece of functional art is to wrap the fingers around a handle of stabilized palm wood matched to a buffalo horn ferrule in a traditional octagonal form that tapers from back to front and fills the hand with elation. For storage and transport a matching palm saya with brass pins, custom made by Casey from the same piece of wood as the knife's handle, is included.