Mosaic & Mokume Slicer 165mm

Exquisite work from bladesmith Casey Vilensky of Lynn Valley Forge featuring a sharp and thin hybrid petty / slicer blade that will perform in any variety of applications. The size, at 165mm / 6.5" long and 36mm tall, with an especially thin edge with a stiff spine, makes for excellent balance and feel in the hand, with enough upcurve to rock gently on the board. And in the hand, you will find a gorgeous piece of black & white ebony, sanded to a smooth finish, in classic, hand-filling octagonal form, and capped with a house-made ferrule of mokume gane forged from copper and nickel. And the blade, of course, is not forgotten, forged from a mosaic damascus pattern of Casey's design and given welcomed convex bevels, and softly rounded spine and choil. Lastly, included is a matching black & white ebony saya with fordite pin.