Ebony Mosaic Tuna Sword 370mm

A sensorial experience of pure power and control is what you're likely to encounter with this extraordinary tool by Casey Vilensky in your hands. For us, the feeling goes beyond the tangible to the visceral; as the fingers melt around a tapered octagonal handle of Indian Ebony capped with a three-ring bolster of naval brass, the heart begins beating faster. The eyes are drawn to 370mm of stunningly finished, double-beveled mosaic damascus steel, a bar of Twisted W's pattern forming the edge below a unique and commanding feather damascus upper section. As we expect from Casey's work, performed methodically and purposefully at his North Vancouver studio, the blade's bevels and edge, coming in at 62 HRC on the hardness scale, leave nothing to want, at the ready as the prize tuna comes ashore, or anything else requiring a touch or more than the average knife can offer. A one-of-a-kind culinary tool as exquisite as it is utilitarian.