Gidgee Kasumi Gyuto 253mm

Everything one could ask for in a full-size, workhorse gyuto from France's Bryan Raquin is here. In Bryan's well-loved san mai formula of 145sc (super-clean) carbon core with XC10 cladding, the 253mm / 10" blade is refined and tough, polished and forge-finished, hair-popping sharp, and versatile enough for every cut in the kitchen. Bryan's foggy, hand-rubbed kasumi bevel finish brings out beautiful alloy banding in the steel above a slim but durable edge and tip that define his 'workhorse' grind and strong, convex bevel geometry. Beyond the tang's dark, textured finish, a result of the hand-forging process, is a gorgeous piece of ringed gidgee wood, a rare offering from Bryan's shop.