Kamon x Prince Monolithic Chef 283mm

When world-class artisans combine forces, the rewards can be monumental, taking the form of an object with little precedent. That could not be truer than in this monolithic chef knife forged by hand using traditional methods at the shop of Benjamin Kamon, using a never-before-seen mosaic damascus pattern by Ben's counterpart across the Atlantic, bladesmith and artist Joshua Prince. The steel, which makes up the full length of the blade as well as handle due to the one-piece construction, features parallel and concentric meetings of two carbon alloys which are then precisely contorted in on themselves at specific junctions to create a feeling of fast then slow, loose then dense, open then closed. Stretching toward the tip through the latter half of the blade, with a tile behind showing off every original element of the pattern's making, and then visible into the opened handle, Joshua's part in this collaboration is as extraordinary as his collaborator's finishing touches. Boasting the superb, all-performance geometry and balance expected of a Benjamin Kamon blade, this chef's knife offers 283mm, over 11", of mouth-watering geometry above a thin, hard, and hair-popping sharp edge, while the rounded spine's full distal taper from nearly 4mm in front of the handle to just over 1mm an inch from the tip, offers versatility and measured beauty. Meeting the 65mm tall blade heel is Benjamin's beloved monolithic handle design, opened with fire and hand-held hammer from the solid piece of steel from which it originates. Stamped with each maker's marks, this object represents the latest meeting of extraordinary minds with whom we have the honor of working.