Huber x Kamon Copper Cleaver

A one-of-a-kind collaboration between Austrian bladesmiths Benjamin Kamon and Martin Huber, this vegetable cleaver is like no other. Made by Martin, the go mai (five layer) steel consists of house-made damascus cladding atop a layer of pure copper, and finally a razor-sharp edge of carbon steel at the center. Etched and polished, the various alloys and materials are revealed in bold contrast, yet each will take on a life of its own as natural patinas develop through use on the cutting board. Just as beautiful as the blade, an octagonal handle is sculped from cross-cut oak and capped with solid copper fastened with blue-tempered hardware with a precise, removeable / replaceable construction. Benjamin sculpts the bevels and edge geometry to their finished state working freehand at the grinder until a thin, hard, and balanced cutting tool is matched to the needs of vegetable chopping and daily meal prep.