Denty Torpedo Gyuto 300mm

Austrian bladesmith Benjamin Kamon brings us his new masterpiece, a boldly designed, superbly crafted, and extremely functional culinary tool that welcomes a any kitchen challenge with it's impressive and striking 300mm / 11.8" blade. Benjamin’s creativity travels far to create not only a superb formula of design in function, but also a unique, stainless-clad blade composition and finish all his own. Outward from a core of hard, 1.2519 carbon steel, first a thin layer of nickel is found to prevent carbon diffusion, then a high-manganese layer of 1.3520 carbon steel which delivers a touch of carbon and other elements to diffuse into the stainless cladding in order to obtain the final aesthetic, guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes. With a razor sharp edge and wonderful full distal tapers that culminates at a fine, needle-like tip for effortless precision, what a joy it will be to use. The “Torpedo” style handle shines with waves of carbon fiber fitted with titanium end caps, constructed, as all of Benjamin’s handles, to be removed for cleaning or replacement. A custom G10 saya is included.