"I have never felt more invigorated by work. I am always looking forward to the next build."

Meet The Makers

Ambrose Volkofsky - Australia

To ignore his passion for beautiful, practical art and design was something Ambrose Volkofsky, at the learned age of 36, could no longer live with. Raising a family with his wife in Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia, Ambrose had dedicated the first decade of his professional life to a local police force, proud to serve and protect others, yet all the while consciously avoiding any potential career centered on an endeavor he truly loved. With ten years wearing the badge under his belt, it was time.

Immersing himself in knifemaking, Ambrose pursued every opportunity to strengthen his skills. Australia’s impressive and thriving knifemaking community provided ample support and mentoring which he embraced. Inspired by makers worldwide, including Don Ngueyn, Kyle Royer, and Rodrigo Sfreddo among others, Ambrose put his hands to the metal and spent the first years crafting a wide variety of knives and tools, learning from each new challenge, and honing his repertoire.

Compared with the steady paycheck promised by a line of work with less personal meaning, creating functional art with his hands has provided Ambrose the challenges which only the unknown and the unexpected can, along with all the depth of meaning and gratification that he anticipated. The quality and beauty of his thoughtfully crafted culinary objects, from knives to the Lightning Bolt Pizza Wheel found here, are just the kind one anticipates from an artisan who has followed his heart and settled for nothing short of his best from beginning to end.