Wrought Cocobolo Gyuto 261mm

Dressed in cocobolo wood with a dark bog oak spacer, the latest gyuto from France's Yanick Puig delivers everything one could ask for in a function-first, traditionally crafted Japanese-style chef knife from this talented bladesmith. With 261mm / 10.3" of razor-sharp edge, the blade is forged by hand from house-made san mai steel clad in reclaimed wrought iron flanking a hard core of 135Cr3 high-carbon steel. A silky kasumi finish across the low, convex bevels, with dark, forge-finished flats above and a thin, polished edge below, give this tool its defining look. Comfortable and rewarding in the hand, the full-size build balances an inch in front of the 61mm tall blade heel, with a tapering, rounded spine cradling fingers in the pinch grip, while providing versatility and precision from choil to needle-like tip.