Rosewood Damascus Gyuto 230mm

The first chef knife handcrafted by French bladesmith Yanick Puig to grace our collection is simply dreamy. The traditional Japanese style realized in a finished piece instantly recognizable as Yanick's lends an air of sophistication complemeneted by unbridled utility to this 230mm / 9.1" long by 56mm tall gyuto forged by hand from a house-made, damascus-clad san mai formula. Balancing around one inch in front of the rounded, polished choil, the knife moves naturally and nimbly in the hand, designed to allow the blade's weight to help its razor sharp, paper-thin edge move effortlessly through ingredients. Convex through the short bevels below dark, forge-finished flats, the 135Cr3 carbon steel edge and gorgeous, damascus cladding have been etched and polished to produce a silky, head-turning look. Fully forged, the blade's spine tapers from over 4mm above the heel to barely over 1mm an inch from the end, and then further to a very slim, needle-like tip for detail work and precision slices. For control and a quite the rewarding feel in the hand, Yanick has paired rosewood with beech sculpted into a traditional, octagonal wa-style handle.