Silver Line Damascus Chef 254mm

From the full distal taper along the blade's spine leading to a needle-like tip and producing a superb and balanced degree of lateral flexibility, to the integral bolster's sculpted beauty and fine silver inlay, to the head-turning modified W's pattern carbon damascus steel, this William Porto creation is as striking as it is functional. Every detail is accounted for: an heirloom fit transition where bolster meets ebony is complemented by a broad face at the curvature of the blade's choil where the middle finger rests comfortably in the pinch grip, elements that work together visually as well. Thin and hard at the edge below slightly convex bevels, the 254mm / 10" blade stands 64mm tall at the heel, with long, straight section for chopping and up-sweep toward the tip as the blade slims, perfect for slicing and detail work, in a Wester profile made for the majority of cutting tasks around the kitchen. Finishing the handle, you find an elegant, dark piece of ebony carved into an exceedingly comfortable, voluptuous form that fills the hand to leave a lasting memory. Included is a custom made ostrich leather saya.