Golden Burl Boning Knife 225mm

With his damascus creation, fine metalwork, and overall artistry on full display, Brazilian bladesmith William Porto delivers a striking new boning knife, built for the home and working kitchens alike. Long and slim with a touch of lateral flexibility in the final inches, the 225mm / 8.9” blade hand-forged from William’s own carbon damascus, is as functional as it is beautiful, the pattern stretching first from the sculpted integral bolster where the alloys are spaced and linear in their own way, through a voluptuously curved profile to the needle-like tip where the undulations, twists, and turns become only more pronounced. With a stepped-down heirloom fit, the bolster enjoys an inlaid ring of pure gold, a trademark of William's art, before meeting a comfortable, hand-filling handle of wonderfully finished maple burl with a natural hue and incredible grain. A luxurious custom leather saya including belt loop is included.