Gold Maple Damascus Chef 237mm

Our first culinary blade from William Porto of Brazil is not just another knife. A blacksmith of over a decade with a focus on tools for chefs since 2017, this stunning creation is characteristic of his art form: creating strikingly designed culinary objects from house-made damascus patterns adorned with precious metals and other exotic ingredients. But of course, it's not all show; a thin, hard edge below convex bevels with a full distal taper along a spine that culminates at a fine, needle-like tip, make this a purpose-built tool for the kitchen. A classic Western edge profile that measures 237mm / 9.3" long and stands 51mm at the heel rocks nicely on the board and gives the knife a balance point a hair in front of the integral bolster. Speaking of, it is here in the integral, forge-welded bolsters that you find a cross-hatch pattern of 24k gold and 1000 pure silver inlays. With a stepped down, museum fit, the bolsters meet a piece of dark, beautifully dyed, and stabilized maple sculpted into a comfortable, tapering form. Finally, for safe transport, a custom buffalo leather saya with ostrich leather inlay is included.