Stainless Damascus Chef 245mm

William Brigham of The Artificery is considered a pioneer in the development and refinement of small batch, house-made stainless damascus steel and it's calling in handcrafted chef knive. This first knife from his workshop is a stellar example of the possibilities. The 245mm / 9.6" blade brings compound S-grind bevel geometry, a very thin edge, a touch of lateral flexibility, and a mind-blowing distal taper to the cutting board for unyielding performance. The spine alone is a sight to behold, slimming at the same rate along its length, from 5.3mm wide above the heel to 0.8mm wide an inch from the needle-like tip. To control the mighty AEB-L and CPM 154 stainless steel patterned blade, William provides a sculpted walnut handle with his trademark textured finish that is close to ecstasy in the hand.