Stainless Damascus Carving Set

A carving set with no equal, designed and crafted end-to-end by William Brigham of The Artificery in his Los Angeles studio. A pioneer in the creation of small batch, sole-authorship stainless damascus steel, William has hand-forged the exquisite carving knife and fork seen here from his combination of high-performance AEB-L and CPM 154 alloys. With a matte, sandblasted finish, every line, transition, and detail throughout the knife’s blade, the fork's tines, and the integral bolster of each, is accounted for. The blade has received William's wonderful 'S-grind' compound bevel geometry, contributing to both the physical balance and visual aesthetic of the tool, as well as to assist in food release and cutting performance. The fork's tines enjoy gentle curvature in all directions and are amply sharp at the ends for carving, serving, and presenting the finest of meals. And of course, the striking desert ironwood handles sculpted in tapered, faceted form, have been given a unique and welcomed textured finish that is at once both smooth and luxurious, and unabashedly tactile at the same time. An outstanding set which represents the maker superbly, built for generations of culinary experiences.