Nocturnal Spruce Chef 230mm

Deep, dark spruce wood from Sweden's north is connected by a band of ancient, fossilized mammoth to hand-forged mosaic damascus bolsters by Mattias Styrefors that conjure images of creatures in the night. Together with a single mosaic pin and single brass pin, this striking, even provoking handle, provies grip and comfort with which to wield the 230mm / 9" blade of Damasteel stainless damascus. In maker Tobbe Lundström's preferred shape, the blade is robust and forward balanced with a long flat section toward the heel and upward curve for rocking chops, briging strength and power to the cutting board throughout its length with workhorse geometry that includes a sharp pointed tip that foregoes thinness in favor of durability and power. The beautifully etched finish of the Damasteel is protected when not in use by the included saya made from reclaimed barn siding, with reindeer antler pin.