Lynx Slicer 270mm

Hand-forged mosaic damascus 'Lynx' bolsters created by artist Mattias Styrefors are the namesake of this exquisite slicer / carving knife by Sweden's Tobbe Lundström. Beyond Mattias' metal magic to complete the handle build are a ring of walrus tooth followed by birch burl secured with a single mosaic pin. At the other end of the tool, the end designed to slice and serve gracefully whether in the kitchen or dining room, is 270mm / 10.6" of stainless Damasteel damascus, sharp and ready for business  Each and every ingredient, from Mattias' lynx to the birch burl, from the barn siding saya to the walrus tooth, and on to the Damasteel of the blade itself, are crafted in Sweden, not far from Tobbe's workshop in Åre where each element is brought together to form the striking object you see here.