Purple Maple Chef 232mm

From our newest bladesmith, this gorgeous, 232mm / 9.1", hand-forged carbon steel chef knife was crafted in the Philadelphia workshop of Steve Pellegrino. A 52100 carbon edge is thin and razor-sharp beneath subtly convex bevels that offer a wonderfully balanced combination of laser-like finesse and reliable, versatile strength, making this an excellent, full size, go-to tool for all daily meal prep needs. The edge's profile is also worth noting, long and relatively straight with decidedly Eastern inspiration, yet it rocks nicely on the board, from the slim, needle-like tip to the 53mm tall heel   Hand-sanded to a silky, satin burnish with rustic, forge-finished flats and rounded, polished spine and choil, the blade's fit and finish matches that of the handle: crisp and clean.  To that end, the rear of this tool is dressed in purple-dyed maple burl atop white G10 liners, slim, sculped and comfortable, secured with a pair of polished stainless-steel pins.