Go Mai Damascus Chef 202mm

Forged by hand from house-made go mai (five layer) steel, bladesmith Steve Pellegrino delivers a 202mm / 8" edge of low-layer carbon damascus surrounded by a layer of pure nickel to reduce carbon diffusion, and finally, cladding of satin-finished stainless steel. Made to use and designed to turn heads, the edge is thin, hard, and razor sharp, sitting below wonderfully honed convex bevels, a result of Steve's tireless testing and refining, aided by the feedback and inspiration gleaned from the Philadelphia chefs he serves regularly. Subtle marks from the blade's forged origins are visible toward the heel, while the rest of the blade bevels enjoy a silky, polished finish. Tapering steadily along the rounded spine, the build ends with a fine, needle-like tip, further making this knife an outstanding candidate to be the one and only needed in any kitchen. For grip and control, Steve has dressed the knife in a beautiful piece of green dyed and stabilized quilted maple and fitted it with a micarta bolster, all of which is sculpted to a very comfortable and elegant form.