Amboyna Go Mai Bunka 217mm

A showstopper from Philadelphia bladesmith Steve Pellegrino, this bunka chef's knife will keep you cooking, and keep that smile on your face throughout. Forged from a go mai (five layer) house-made blade formula that boasts reclaimed chain wrought iron over pure nickel with a core of CruForge V carbon steel, the 217mm long by 66mm tall blade is crafted to be any chef's full-size, go-to workhorse. Wonderfully thin just above the edge from tip to heel, the bevels are beautifully shaped, convex, and robust where the knife balances at the choil, slimming steadily as you move forward, culminating at an extremely fine, precise tip for the most delicate and exacting slices. Rounded along choil and spine, comfort abounds in any grip. And we still haven't described the handle which we can't let go of. Hand-filling and octagonal with gentle facets and a domed end, moody amboyna burl is fixed with a copper pin and capped with an heirloom-fit bronze bolster that Steve forged by hand, sculpted, and patinated for a look to turn heads and a feel to die for. A saya from local cherry wood harvested by Steve himself is included.