Supersonic Chef 217mm

Supersonic by Saul Kokkinos-Kennedy is the second creation in a striking and unique one-piece construction style which Saul, a talented and creative metallurgist, blacksmith, and bladesmith, has been developing for a number of years. Building upon the Laser Light Chef, the first of its kind, featured in our shop in 2022, the Supersonic Chef combines a beautifully shaped, santoku-inspired blade profile with a hollow, geometric handle formed from eight panels of stainless steel that diverge, converge, bend, and flow from above the blade's choil to a gently domed butt cap at its end. As comfortable in the hand as any chef could desire, the grip offers exceptional control and tactile feedback in use, the knife balancing exceptionally just at the point where handle becomes blade. With 217mm / 8.5" of thin, hard, razor-sharp edge in the same 14c28n stainless steel as forms the handle, the blade stands 58mm tall at the heel, delivering superb compound 'S-grind' geometry for cutting performance, and a full-distal taper along the faceted spine which slims to less than 1mm an inch from the needle-like tip. At just 4.9oz / 140g overall, this piece of culinary art is light and fast on the board, providing both the toughness and geometry for demanding work, as well as the precision and exactness for the most detail-oriented cuts. A one-of-a-kind tool from this Australian artisan providing unprecedented design, uncompromising utility, and style guaranteed to turn heads.