Laser Light Chef 260mm

By Saul Kokkinos-Kennedy of Australia comes a chef knife unlike any before it. The approach to construction has been in development by Saul for many years, and this extraordinary object is the culmination of those efforts; the first all steel, hollow-handle knife of its kind from his studio. Lightweight, superbly balanced, and quick in the hand, it is shaped for not only the sleek beauty witnessed here in photos but also for superb function and performance in the kitchen with its compound 'S-grind' geometry, full-distal taper along the spine, and razor-sharp convex edge. At 260mm with an overall weight of just 5.2oz, it must be held to be believed. The seamless blade-to-handle transition adds a degree of comfort difficult to match, the octagonal handle form tapering forward along all places from a brass cap in the rear engraved with the maker's mark. Bravo, Saul. Congratulations on this achievement.