Hypersonic Chef 282mm

Exceptional in every way, the largest and fastest of the handcrafted chef knives by artist Saul Kokkinos-Kennedy in this extraordinary and unprecedented all-steel, hollow-handle construction, the Hypersonic Chef excels to heights never before seen. As technically sophisticated as any object we have had the pleasure of experiencing, Saul, a wildly talented metallurgist, designer, and knifemaker based in Australia, worked to develop the one-piece fabrication process for a number of years before this knife, and it's smaller cousin, the Supersonic Chef, were created in early 2023, following the debut knife in the style, the Laser Light Chef in 2022. At 282mm long, or over 11" from heel to tip, and standing 67mm tall at the back of a beautifully shaped, Western-inspired edge profile that rocks gracefully on the cutting surface, the blade is dynamic, thin, sharp, and balanced. Superb compound 'S-grind' bevel geometry begins at the choil and extends throughout the blade's length, dissipating almost invisibly in the final inches as the spine's distal taper slims to the point that its width is matched by the thickness of the concave portion of the grind. Below this hollow section is the slightly convex portion which leads to a polished edge ready to slice and chop with performance to rival any culinary tool in the world. Emerging from the back of the blade as though an extension of the blade's own soul, a hollow steel handle with waves and undulations so smooth, seamless, and symmetrical as to appear other-worldly, forms to cradle and comfort the hand, providing support and control with which to wield this one-of-a-kind creation. To hold this knife for even a moment is to understand that it is first and foremost a purposefully built cutting tool with uncompromising utility in the kitchen; yet you will not be mistaken: it is a work of art through and through.