Zipper Micarta Integral Chef 245mm

It's nearly impossible to identify a single stand-out feature of our first custom chef knife from artist Salem Straub of Promethean Knives. Forged from a round bar of W1 carbon steel, the 59mm tall blade is supremely thin and light, tapering from just 2.0mm above the heel to 1.0mm an inch from the tip, achieving, in collaboration with precise in-house heat treatment, beautifully balanced lateral flexibility. The entire knife weights just 6.0oz despite it's 245mm / 9.65" of edge. With a zipper joint, the namesake of the knife, black and brown pieces of micarta, each with wonderfully pronounced visual texture, combine to form the slim, relatively short D-style handle with right-handed orientation. The forged integral bolster ties the other elements together, a cloudy hamon on one side, a perfectly contoured, pinch grip-loving handle on the other.