Zamani Ironwood Chef 215mm

A word with multiple meanings around the globe, Zamani in this case refers to the Swahili usage that speaks to the reuniting of old friends. A gorgeous mosaic pattern aestherically, bladesmith Salem Straub is able, as we're accustomed to from him, to bridge the visble beauty of steel with deeper meaning to create an object that is more than a tool, but a true heirloom. With Salem's compound 'S-grind' bevel geometry, a hard, thin edge, and touch of balance, lateral flexibility, the 215mm / 8.5" blade is perfect for all variety of daily meal prep. First through the "octogral" (octagonal + integral, Salem?) bolster, the handle extends through a striking piece of sculpted desert ironwood burl, complete with vein of lightly colored sapwood.