Triple Play Chef 238mm

Little wing mosaic damascus flutters above a bold edge bar of alternating layer count twisted mosaic damascus, together forming the blade in this piece of Salem Straub artwork at its finest. Stopping not at two house-made damascus patterns but three, Jellydubz pattern integral bolsters, created by 'jelly-rolling' W's pattern damascus, add an extra touch to this one-of-a-kind build. Thin, light, and quick in the hand, the 238mm / 9.4" blade enjoys compound 'S-grind' geometry, concave then convex before the edge for balance and performance, with moderate lateral flexibility throughout its length. Sculpted from beautifully double-dyed and stabilized boxelder burl, Salem delivers a comfortable and functional handle that combines curves and facets, tapering back to font, ending where an heirloom-fit spacer made of Sabian Red cymbal bronze joins wood with steel.