Net Weave Chef 290mm

The progression in Salem Straub's work is a study in the evolution of three-dimensional art, from the mind-blowing damascus patterns to pantograph handle inlays which Salem envisions, plans, and realizes in marvelous form. This knife features a new pattern from this Washington State artisan, a net weave pattern, with dark, etched finish to reveal what may appear as being similar to his recent tiled, mosaic damascus creations, but is in fact a proof-of-concept for Salem's monolithic 'tile' method; extraordinary from bolster, to spine, to its meeting a distinct edge bar. In this case the edge bar features a striking example of his 'explosion' pattern created from a twisted W's bar of damascus steel, quite thin, hard, and sharp at the edge, and slightly convex above before transitioning to the concave portion of the compound 'S-grind' geometry. At 60mm tall and extending outward from the heel for 290mm, or over 11", the blade is light and balanced, offering a degree of lateral flexibility, and a low, pointed tip for detail work. A sculpted integral bolster, sans weld lines due to the monolithic nature of the innovative net weave damascus concept, displays the pattern beautiful, sculpted into a faceted, octagonal form, and presented as part of the handle with Salem's heirloom fit. Completing the handle of geometric forms with subtle curves is a striking piece of British Columbia Yellow Cedar Burl with pantograph-assisted inlays of double-dyed maple burl. At the handle's rear a flush, stainless retention bolt cap is visible.