Moroccan Tile Chef 255mm

Salem Straub's high-grind approach to his compound bevels allows him to craft a uniquely balanced, high-performance tool that includes an extremely thin edge below a convex section of twisted mosaic damascus edge bar, and concave portion that stretches right to the spine of the striking Moroccan Tile damascus of his design and making. Combine these qualities with what feels in the hand like a solid, workhorse cutting tool that features a long, 255mm / 10" blade which flexes nicely in the forward half due to a superb taper and in-house hardening process of the carbon steel, and you get a knife to do it all, in magnificent style. Beyond the long, museum-fit integral bolster in the same Moroccan Tile pattern is an oblong octagonal piece of blue and yellow-dyed boxelder burl, finished with an exposed stainless steel through-nut in the rear.