Little Wing Mosaic Bunka 218mm

The only things this knife does not cut are corners. Salem Straub never does. In a new, dense, and magnificent mosaic damascus pattern, little winged creatures fly from heel tip, and back again, gracing the 218mm long by 65mm tall compound bevels with a sense of movement and momentum. Balancing at the point where the faceted, octagonal integral bolster converges with the blade, the knife is weighted and solid in the hand, tipping the scales at 9.9oz / 284g, ready to move effortlessly through even the largest ingredients the kitchen may throw at it. The amount of material that forms the blade is countered by the S-grind geometry, a very thin edge, and bunka-like profile that drops to an especially fine tip, all of which combine to deliver a versatile, precision cutting tool with noticeable lateral flexibility in the end third of the blade. Behind the damascus bolster you'll find a nicely contoured piece of double-dyed and stabilized maple burl with stepped-down heirloom fit, and the handle's though-tang construction visible at the rear in the form of a flush, polished steel pin.