Keyhole Mosaic Chef 280mm

Bladesmith Salem Straub once again attempts, and succeeds with flying colors, a new and inspiring approach to crafting functional art for the kitchen. Beginning with two unique mosaic damascus patterns, a long, exquisite stretch of spirograph pattern bookended by explosion pattern at the tip and heel, those three individual bars of steel fitted together using jigsaw puzzle-like keyhole joints, the finished blade itself is then joined to the handle with matching integral keyhole construction. With his usually outstanding compound 'S-grind' geometry, the massive 298mm / 11.75" blade flexes throughout the long, tapered spine and slims downward to a thin, sharp convex edge that moves quickly in the hand. Completing the build is a beautiful piece of ringed gidgee in octagonal form, complete with spirograph pattern damascus through-nut visible at the rear.