Chainette Damascus Chef 262mm

In six-bar chainette mosaic damascus of artists Salem Straub's creation comes the newest chef knife from this remarkable Washington-based bladesmith. At 262mm / 10", the thin, hard, razor-sharp edge is only the beginning. Symmetrical compound 'S-Grind' bevel geometry produced performance and balance, and when combined with Salem's superb heat-treatment, a beautifully measured degree of lateral flexibility throughout the blade's long length. A fine, pointed tip for detail work complements a consistently balanced cutting edge that threads the needle between laser-like finesse and the versatility for every cut in the kitchen. Through the octagonal, integral bolster, along the spine, and from heel to tip, the details of the stunning, and stunningly intricate, damascus pattern, are on full display. Between damascus and maple wood is a recessed, heirloom-fit spacer of Sabian Red cymbal bronze.