Gidgee San Mai Bunka 175mm

A 175mm bunka by Robert Trimarchi of the.nine hand-forged from a wrought iron clad san mai with Blue No.2 core. The size and weight makes this knife feel like an instant extension of the hand, with a balance point directly above the choil, and a wonderfully versatile bunka profile for a range of daily cutting tasks. And Rob did not stop with the hand-flattened blade road, gidgee wood handle or elm saya with ziricote pin: to do the edge proper justice he sent the knife to New Zealand where a whetstone sharpening guru by the name of Otto used the following 7-stone progression for an unbeatable cutting experience: King 800 (synthetic) - King hyper 1000 (synthetic) - Natsuya (natural) - Aizu (natural) - Hakka (natural) - Uchigumori (natural) - Uchigumori fingerstone (natural).